Transparency, Reflection and Colour

Solo exhibition

at Center for Art and Architecture Affairs, Portugal

Photography by Andre Cepeda

Exhibition period

December 3rd 2016 - February 18th 2017

Essay by Martin Fox, US

Transparency, Reflection and Colour includes works from multiple series. The first, Notes on colour and form are acrylic paintings on board. These are explorations of the possibilities of composition and interactions of colour. Looking within and between works, we are prompted to challenge our perceptions and consider gestalt principles including proportion, harmony, movement, and balance.

The Expanded series continue Ferreira’s explorations into three-dimensional space, and function between painting and sculpture. Consisting of lacquered metal plates, these works are both systematic and exuberant. Relating to their environment, the coloured planes of the Expanded series are composed in three-dimensional depth, catching light and shadow and arranging colour and form in surprising ways.

For her first solo exhibition in Portugal, Marisa Ferreira presents a new series of works with the aim of investigating the place of colour in her artistic practice. The works reflect on the ontology of painting and present how time, space and colour occur as sensory phenomena. Combining principles of movement with colour theory, the project "Transparency, Reflection and Colour" (2016) thus analyses the observer's physical and mental participation, according to his/her experience and movement in space.

Some of the works were later exhibited at Buskerud Kunstsenter, Norway, spring 2017.

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