Tipping Point

Composite, wood, steel and acrylic glass

570 x 320 x 10cm, 2022

Commissioned by Ås Municipality

For Åshallen, Ås, Norway

Art Consultant Ebba Bring

Drawing inspiration from “conglo concrete”, a technique developed in the 1960s by Norwegian architect Erling Viksjø and his artist friend Odd Tandberg in which they used natural rocks as aggregate for concrete blocks before cutting them into slabs, “Tipping Point“ celebrates their influential work and purposes a contemporary approach to concrete by using discarded materials as raw material for the artwork. The composition is built after the Fibonacci numerical sequence and explores a diamond shape to celebrate the rich archeological history of the city as a direct reference to the Municipality coat of arms. Its colour palette presents a horizontal diagrammatic combination of blues and reds that show how fast the earth is warming according to research conducted by Professor Ed Hawkins from the University of Reading (UK).

The title of the artwork “Tipping Point“ refers itself to points of no return in the climate change to call all parts of society to be involved in the process of tackling the climate crisis, including sport and sport institutions as man-made global warming continues to increase.