Shall We Dance?

Asphalt painting, concrete benches

approx 4000 x 700 x 42cm (10 benches), 2017

Commissioned by Oslo Municipality

For Kongensgata, downtown Oslo, Norway

Curated by Ingrid Økland/ Kulturbyrået Mesén

Sound design by K8 Industridesign

Photography by Øystein Thorvaldsen

Featured by The Guardian as one of "10 of the best outdoor art installations worldwide"

Press |The Guardian, 30/08/2018

It’s a traditional complaint about urban life: there’s never anywhere to park. But in the 21st century, do cities actually need less parking space, not more?

In fact, to mitigate climate change and make cities more pedestrian-friendly, more policy makers around the world are aiming to ban cars. "Shall we dance?" is thus a 2 years art project commissioned by By-miljøetaten to transform a former car parking into a pedestrian area in Kongensgata south, downtown Oslo.

The composition of "Shall we dance?" expresses the sounds and movement of the parking lines in a playful and rhythmic composition inspired by Laban notations on modern dance. The former parking machine is transformed into a loudspeaker with bluetooth technology to allow you to listen your favourite music while dancing.

It presents a low budget solution for local planning challenges with a possible high reward in the development of social capital between citizens and urban livability.

The project also includes a revegetation of the space and a larger footpath.