Primary structures: A place beyond failure

Solo exhibition

at Galeria Presença, Porto, Portugal

Photography by Carlos Campos

Exhibition period

January 13th - March 3rd 2018

These works present a kind of commemorative comment that encourages people to enjoy industrial ruins as spaces of leisure and imagination, as suggested by Edensor (2005) in his book "Industrial Ruins: Space, Aesthetics and Materiality".
Inspired by a tactile encounter with space and materiality, these works were born from a survey on the aesthetics of disorder, geometry, materiality and colour of four Portuguese companies that went bankruptcy in the decade 1998-2008. Built essentially with industrial materials such as steel, stainless steel and glass, these works are closely linked to our collective memory, desire and place. Perhaps a way of not forgetting this part of the Portuguese history, "the time of abandonment", after these abandoned buildings are demolished, recovered or given a new function (commercial, housing, etc).

-- Marisa Ferreira, December 2017