Notes on a Journey. On Matter, Extractivism and Displacement

Solo exhibition 

with guest artist Carmen Mariscal

at Galeria Presença, Porto, Portugal

Photography by Carlos Campos

Exhibition period

March 12th - May 8th 2022

Marisa’s art encompasses here her investigation, both objective and subjective, of lithium. Her sculptures present a fascinating dichotomy as she aims to show us the impact of lithium mineral extraction, whether in a destructive way with both nature and humans, and the positive ways in which it can be recycled and used again as a sustainable longterm solution.(…) These works encompass our senses: inspired by drilling jars and mining rotors, they emerge from the crust of the earth, yet also look like rockets, ready to take the viewer to the next levels. The visitor looks at the same time at the skies above, and our future, whilst observing our past, and the consequences of our actions, on the ground. These powerful sculptures demonstrate the artist’s skills in quiet contemplation and powerful calls to action, as they seem to float out of the soil they were inspired from. Noting that only 9% of the global industrial waste is recycled, with much of it sent to previous colonies, Marisa’s sculptural emblems are strong reminders of the ecological crisis we are facing, but also harbingers of hope.