Lost Futures 

Stainless steel, acrylic glass and discarded glass

200 x 200 x 400cm, 2020

Commissioned by Paris Art Fair

For the main entrance of Grand Palais, Paris

Curated by Carolina Grau

(Not exhibited due the pandemic)

Press | Article in Whitewalls, 19/02/2020

Lost Future“ (2020) evokes Le Corbusier’s Plan Voisin (1925), an unbuilt urban project for the city of Paris organized by 18 glass towers placed in an orthogonal street grid and park-like green space. The plan projected the demolition of the Marais area in order to combat the poor sanitation, disease and overcrowding to propose what Le Corbusier called the “city of tomorrow” (Radiant City) where 3 million people would live a collective life. Had Le Corbusier iconic glass towers been built, it would have been a symbol of modernity and a product of the era of industrialization across Europe that shaped the modern world.

The artwork was created to scale by using Le Corbusier´s archival drawings, built with discarded glass and mirrors supported by a stainless steel frame to make us reflect on the impact of the capitalist mode of production that characterizes the modern world.