Everthing Is Connected

Powder coated stainless steel, acrylic glass

200 x 800 x 20cm, 2022

Commissioned by Louis Vuitton

Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, US

Photography by Louis Vuitton

Press | Fashion Network 18.07.2022


The piece invokes David Brewster's 1817 invention “kaleidoscope” to explore the idea of "multiplicity”. Drawing from installation art from the 1970s, the artwork is created by combining small scale repeated forms made on stainless steel and mirror glass organised by the Fibonacci numerical grid.

The work makes reference to Marisa´s architectural surroundings and walks in the city and invokes the Bauhaus's spirit expressed through a continuous experiment of colour, form and material to investigate how colour is experienced in the urban environment and the ways in which we perceive colour, not only how we see or understand the world, but what colour is and how it affects and transforms the way we see and know the world?