Chromatic Sounds

Powder coating on aluminium, acrylic glass

approx. 6500 x 12000 x 15cm, 2017

Commissioned by Per cent 

For St. Raphael’s College, Loughrea, Ireland

Artist Consultant Rina Whyte

Photography by Mark White

The painting is inspired by a 2day workshop with the students and it is composed by two parts: background and reliefs. Background painting will be done by powder coating the panels of the facade in different colours. 100 Reliefs celebrates the 100th anniversary of the school in 2017; they are fixed to the wall in a 90 degrees and present different colours from left and right sides, creating thus new patterns in the composition according to the position of the observer in space. The piece aim is to present how time, space and colour occur as sensational phenomena. They also explore the psychological, emotional, cognitive and material potentialities of colour and space on two and three-dimensional surfaces.

Focused on the connections between music and visual arts as tribute to the music scene of Galway which will be European Capital of Culture in 2020, my art commission at St Raphael’s College is a three dimensional painting with variable dimensions which will cover parts of the two facades of the sports hall facing the road towards the city center and the new entrance of the school.

In order to create a meaningful art project for the school community and celebrate this special year of school achievements and history, my proposal intends therefore to offer guidelines for understanding and appreciating art in all its forms while highlighting the important ways in which art and music reflect the glory of God. Knowing the school’s connection to the Mercy sisters and Sr. Catherine McAuley, the proposal also emphasize the atmosphere of spirituality, warmth, hope and optimism, and facilitate contemplation of the sacred.