A Bigger Splash

Stainless steel sculptures and a pavement, 2020-2024

Commissioned by Skien Kommune
for Kverndalsgate, Skien sentrum

Project leader | Tom-Eirik Lønnerød/ Skien Municipality

Curated by Kristine Wessel v/ Kulturbyrået Mesën

The artwork consists of five stainless steel sculptures and a pavement made from a waste composite. The piece promotes a sense of place that celebrates the rich history that connects the city's urban development to the sea and looks at the representation of the constantly changing surface of water on earth.

The project is led by Tom-Eirik Lønnerød/ Skien Municipality and curated by Kristine Wessel/ Kulturbyrået Mesen. It has received support by KORO - The Norwegian Public Art Council, Sparebankstiftelsen Grenland, Vestfold og Telemark FylkesKommune and Skien Municipality.